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Self-Service Kiosks

 Benefits include:
    • Increases truck throughput without increasing costs
    • Allows operating hours to be extended for less cost
    • Frees scale house operators to handle other responsibilities
    • Significantly reduces data entry & ticket errors
    • Reduces in-yard times
    • Improves customer satisfaction
    • Quickly and automatically identifies trucks
    • Controls truck flow
Libra Self-Service truck 1

Libra Self-Service truck 2

Kiosks are available to handle all of the various roles in ticketing, including check-in, check-in with tare, checkout, and ticket printing. The kiosks act as extensions of the Generation3 system and fit seamlessly into its powerful infrastructure. Any number of kiosks can be added to a Generation3 to improve a site’s operation. In keeping with Libra’s design philosophy, the kiosks are highly configurable and mold themselves to the practices of each site. Besides providing clear, concise, configurable instructions to drivers, they can be configured to control external equipment such as traffic lights and gates.


 “The Libra Self-Service Kiosks pay for themselves over and over again!” 

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